Overview: Stoplight Proposal

Hillview Middle School is planning a remodeling and expansion project for the next three years. The school will be reconfigured so the classrooms will be on the East side of campus – and there will be a new drop-off area in the back of the school, with the entrance/exit on Elder, half-way between Santa Cruz and Valparaiso. In addition, the school district is planning for an increase in enrollment from 682 students today to 984 students by 2016. As a part of the planned school expansion, there is a proposal to install a stoplight at the Santa Cruz/Elder intersection.

The Transportation Commission and Menlo Park Transportation Program are supporting the stoplight proposal. However, there is strong neighborhood sentiment against the project. Many Menlo Park Residents oppose the stoplight installation for a number of reasons. Click here to learn more.

The Transportation Program will present their stoplight proposal to the Menlo Park City Council on July 20. On that date, the Council will vote on whether the project should proceed. In addition to the Transportation Program’s proposal, the Council will also incorporate the neighborhood’s view point into their decision. If you’re opposed to the stoplight, you have a chance to have your voice heard.

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