What You Can Do

Write an email to the Menlo Park City Council at city.council@menlopark.org

Here are various ideas on why the stoplight is not a good idea

Write a letter to the Menlo Park City Council:

Menlo Park City Council
701 Laurel Street
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Attend the July 20th City Council Meeting in person:

7pm at City Council Chambers: 701 Laurel Street

Anyone can express their opinions on this matter. However, those who are clear stakeholders are likely to be more influential. If you’re a Menlo Park resident, be sure to include your full name and address in your correspondence. If you’re a stakeholder of another sort, mention your relationship to Menlo Park and how the stoplight would impact you.


2 Responses to What You Can Do

  1. Carol Thomsen says:

    Please consider other alternatives – double crossing lanes for biking in both directions, or the blinking cross-walks.

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